A Day at the Haunted Castle

Hi, I’m an “Idea”, you can call me Wizz. Mostly because I usually wizz around all day. This is my biography, or better still my autobiography. Don’t be surprised by the title, I’ll walk you through an explanation.

You see, I’m conceived, birthed, grown, matured and killed inside a very spooky place — Your Head! but then Home is Home and I’ve always believed in living it large, so I call it my Castle, and you so see, on most instances I wizz past my entire cycle from conception to demise within the span of a day.

Do you see the light yet?

How could have I ever thought of an autobiography with a better title than this? Now follow me.

Welcome to A day at the Haunted Castle!

I have 2 parents, like most of us (sic!). Dreams and thoughts, they usually combine together while you’re asleep and their magic creates me, I start my day (and life) as you wake up in the morning, as you’re brushing your teeth, I’m usually doing my jumping jacks to warm up. As you shower, I breeze around happiest performing my yoga poses. When you’re reading the newspapers, I too start shaping my opinions. As you eat your breakfast, I suit up.

You know like your dresses, I’m not the same every day. I have a long list of ‘ME’s, I’m positive, inspirational, caring, calm, happy, slow, fast, cheerful, low, sad, melancholy, excited, angry, perturbed, vengeful, afraid, scary, reverent, doubtful, genius and stupid. I cover the full spectrum really! And it’s all because of you & your spooky mind! I’m a simpleton you know, fluid and malleable, I flow as you ask me to and this makes my life within your ‘mind castle’ terribly haunted, because I’m never sure what’ll happen next!

Does all the uncertainty affect me? When I was young, it did, but as I age though so many single-day cycles, this fear has changed into a soggy sense of nostalgia, like a couple that’s been married for long, this castle has grown into me as have I to it.

Ahem, as you drive towards office, I too smirk and smile at the songs on the radio and the idiots on the road, as you meet and greet friends and foes in office, I too hum at the sweet smell of stale coffee and the recirculated air-conditioned air, heavy with copy paper aromas. While you tap away at office work, gnawing and cursing your job, I quietly take the centre stage. As boredom and sleepiness try to hug you post-lunch, I begin with my innocuous nudge, I creep into your head when you least suspect and I force you to wonder what life is, was, and could be. You’ve read above the different shades I mould in to, I bring that colour along and paint your mind with it. Some days to lift you up, some days to keep you grounded, some days to inspire you, some days to discourage. “Unfair” you may feel, “Balanced” is what I ensure.

As you pack your bag and head towards home, I too reflect on my day’s work peering towards my sunset. As you unpack, undress and unwind, I prepare myself for a last dance before the divine. You catch up with family and people you love, I smile and observe everything from above. Finally, you prepare to fall asleep, and I prepare for my leap into an unknown deep.

How do I live a life so uncertain you wonder? When do I get the time to slowdown and reflect!? To ascertain what I represent? How do I embrace a ‘different’ me each day? Sounds tough doesn’t it? Why do I do it then?

For me it’s simple, in all this I only see one thing — Faith, in you, in your ability, in your balance, and in all that you are and can be! And sometimes just sometimes, when I’m about to go off for the day, you grab my hand and hold me tight, asking me to join you for another day… and it’s for moments like these I say, that some ideas are just too cool to die within a haunted castle day!



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Siddhartha Arora

Siddhartha Arora

Storyteller! I use different media to convey my stories.. : )